The Reid Rapid Reference Tape

Ventilator management is a complicated art that can overwhelm even the most seasoned patient care provider. You don't have to be Picasso if you simply "paint by number". The Reid Rapid Reference Tape provides an innovative, feature-rich reference guide for ventilator management integrated into an accurate ideal body weight measurement tool.

Because guessing isn't part of high quality patient care, using the Reid Rapid Reference Tape you can ensure that the care you are giving is precise, efficient, and effective. Unfold, Measure, Set Up Your Ventilator  ...its just that simple!

The Reid Rapid Reference Tapes provides instant height-based ideal body weight measurements, the most up-to-date ventilator strategies and settings, as well as a handy drugs reference, and much more!

New Version Available

New Version Available

What could be better than our ORIGINAL reference tape? Our brand new tape, of course!


...and of course expanded and updated reference information that makes ventilator management, and medication administration fast, easy, and safe!

How to use the Reid Rapid Reference Tape

Step 1

Unfold the tape and stretch it out along side the patient. Carefully slide the tape under the patient's side and align the heel of the patient with the first black line after the red area. This allows you room grip the tape when sliding it back and forth under the patient.

Step 2

Ensure the heel alignment does not slip by simply folding the red tab under the patient's foot and holding it in place. This ensures proper placement and an accurate measurement of the patient.

Step 3

Continue placing the tape by sliding it under the patient's shoulder. By placing the tape under the patient, it's never in the way during ongoing care! This gives you a quick reference for some of the most popular medications you will use during ventilator management, and more.

Almost done! 

Step 4

Simply find the box that the top of the patient's head extends into! Your ventilator settings are matched to the patent's height and ideal body-weight just like that! You can be assured your patient is being cared for with precision and accuracy, freeing up your time to save a life! 

Fast & Accurate

Fast & Accurate

The Reid Rapid Reference Tape combines easy, and accurate patient ideal body weight measurement with the benefit of an integrated ventilator setup reference.

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What else is on the quick reference besides ventilator settings?

Our rapid reference guide definitely has more than ventilator settings, although that part of the reference is very robust and inclusive. Because good ventilator management includes more than just spinning dials, we also include a drug guide, and some other very important information that either directly, or indirectly relates to ventilated patients.

What patient age groups can I use this product with?

The Reid Rapid Reference Tape can be used all the way down to patients who are 4 feet tall, and all the way up to 7 feet tall.

Aren't there other similar products? Why should I buy Reid?

Successful brands breed copycat products, and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then we thank our competition for their compliments. The Reid Rapid Reference Tape is the ORIGINAL ideal body weight and ventilator setup reference tape in the industry. Just being the first, of course, doesn't mean everything. The tape is constantly updated, and has been improved over time based on customer feedback, clinician research, and our own experience. Passionate patient care is what drives our business and the Reid Rapid Response Tape is our commitment to that passion.

Our product is protected by United States, and international copyrights. The Reid Rapid Reference Tape is truly peerless in quality, and in content using the most up-to-date evidence-based practice material sources.

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We love you, too! Please shoot us an e-mail so we can better assess how to help you with pricing.