How to use the Reid Rapid Reference Tape

Step 1

Unfold the tape and stretch it out along side the patient. Carefully slide the tape under the patient's side and align the heel of the patient with the first black line after the red area. This allows you room grip the tape when sliding it back and forth under the patient.

Step 2

Ensure the heel alignment does not slip by simply folding the red tab under the patient's foot and holding it in place. This ensures proper placement and an accurate measurement of the patient.

Step 3

Continue placing the tape by sliding it under the patient's shoulder. By placing the tape under the patient, it's never in the way during ongoing care! This gives you a quick reference for some of the most popular medications you will use during ventilator management, and more.

Almost done! 

Step 4

Simply find the box that the top of the patient's head extends into! Your ventilator settings are matched to the patent's height and ideal body-weight just like that! You can be assured your patient is being cared for with precision and accuracy, freeing up your time to save a life!