Reid Rapid Reference Tape

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The original rapid deployment reference tape designed to accurately measure a patient's idea bodyweight and provide essential ventilator setting guidelines! Emergency, and critical care medicine isn't a guessing game. When a patient's life is placed in your hands it is your responsibility to provide the most accurate and appropriate care when seconds count. Why guess when you can use our simple system to precisely measure and correctly setup your ventilator based on the most recent evidence-based research practices. Unfold, measure, and input the settings - It's as easy as that!

Now, the Reid Rapid Reference Tape has gotten even better! Included along the edge is an integrated measurement system that gives you an exact length for your patient. This tape is more durable and useful than ever with a waterproof outer membrane that is even dry erase writable! The Reid Rapid Reference Tape is easier than ever to help you with ventilator management settings, and critical care medicine administration. Fast, easy, and safe for your patients!